Salary Check

How much do your colleagues earn, and do you earn the same? Check your wages and see if they match up. Use the Salary Check.


1 February 2020The International Labour Organisation has set forth a new strategy to fight child labour in the tobacco-growing countries in Africa. The estimated expenditure for the same will be US $4.8 million. Uganda along with a few other nations, will each get 1.6 million and their governments will address the poor working conditions and labour laws. Child Labour

How Decent is my Flower Farm?

Do you work on a flower farm? And are you happy with your work conditions? FUE and Industrial Service Providers Allied Workers' Union (UHISPAWU) have started  a project in the flower farm industry in Uganda. The focus is  on wages,  compliance with labour law and the quality of collective agreements. If you take the Uganda Flower Farm survey, you will contribute to improving conditions on flower farms in Uganda.