Salary Edgar Lungu

  • President - Zambia
  • Born: 1956, Ndola, Zambia
  • Annual: TSh78,578,685.00
  • Monthly: TSh6,548,223.75
  • Weekly: TSh1,511,128.56
  • Daily: TSh302,225.71
Edgar Lungu

Lukasatimes Sep 2018: President Lungu will now receive K487, 839.00 as annual salary plus a special annual allowance of K129, 413.00.
Lukasakatimes Nov 2016: President Edgar Lungu has cut his monthly salary by 50 percent as part of his government’s austerity measures. According to the Statutory Instrument 19 of 2016, President Lungu’s monthly salary is pegged at K36 million K 36 000 per month. July 2015: salary $56000
Annual basic salary for the vice president according to the Statutory Instrument no. 91-2013: K 414,406.00 - Special annual allowance K 108,934.00. His total compensation is: K 523,340.00.


Update: 2019-8