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Domestic housekeepers

Domestic housekeepers organize, supervise and carry out housekeeping functions in private households with or without the support of subordinate staff.

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Job Definition

  • (a) supervising workers employed in households as domestic staff
  • (b) purchasing or controlling the purchase of supplies
  • (c) controlling storage and issue of supplies
  • (d) assisting in cases of minor injury or illness by performing tasks such as taking temperature, giving medicine, putting on bandages
  • (e) sweeping or vacuum-cleaning, washing and polishing floors, furniture and other fixtures
  • (f) making beds, cleaning bathrooms, supplying towels, soap and related items
  • (g) taking care of household pets and plants, receiving visitors, answering telephones, delivering messages and shopping for groceries
  • (h) preparing and cooking meals, setting and clearing tables and serving food and beverages
  • (i) cleaning kitchens and generally helping with kitchen work, including dishwashing

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