what do employers expect from employees

Jobs are difficult to come by these days. If you find one, it helps to know what employers want from an employee. Read article on What a prospective employer expects from an employee in Malawi

By Sam Banda Jnr


You have been offered a job after successfully passing interviews. Well done! But that doesn’t mean that you can now sit back and relax. This is when the hard work actually begins.

You may have the right qualifications for the job, but if you do not produce results, your company is not going to be pleased. Most companies in Malawi are facing stiff competition at this economically tight time, and they are looking for employees who can bring results, help develop their businesses, and make more profits.

Mywage Malawi quoted some views from the country’s local newspapers as to what employers expect from an employee. This advice is important especially for young men and women in Malawi who do not have much job experience and want to build their careers.

Real Insurance Company of Malawi Limited Human Resources Manager Naomi Kajamu said when an employer provides an employee with good working conditions and job security, what they look forward to are the results.

“Every employer expects the employee to deliver on the work they are given. At the same time, the worker must be dedicated to their work,” she said.

Kajamu further said that attributes such as honesty and trustworthiness were very important.

Zizipyizani Kayira, another Human Resources Officer, said personal behaviour and adherence to ethics are key to an employees’ success.

“Every profession has its code of ethics which have to be followed at all times,” said Kayira.

Employers want workers who will maintain good attendance, and expect them to be on the job as scheduled. Communication also plays a crucial role for an employer because they need employees who are able to listen and implement what they are told.

It’s very simple: if you do not listen to your bosses and do not come to work on time do you expect the employer to keep you? The answer is definitely no.