Tips on How to Write Perfect CV

Get Tips on How to write perfect CV online at Get more information on how to write perfect resume or curriculum vitae (CV). Perfect CV will help you for getting better job.

By Sam Banda Jnr


Southern Africa offers a broad range of job opportunities. But there is often stiff competition to get employment. Many people have failed to impress potential employees because of poor CVs. In today’s competitive and fast-moving job market, you only have 30 seconds to impress a potential employer with your CV. To give yourself the best chance of securing an interview, you need to make sure your CV works for you – and for your boss! gives you some tips on how to write a winning curriculum vitae. To make the most of any job opportunity your CV should:

  • Market and sell you by clearly representing your work history, skills and experience.
  • Not be too long!
  • Be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Use a document format that all employers, agencies and personnel departments prefer.
  • Always be sent with an effective and meaningful covering letter.
  • Make a good impression by detailing your capabilities and strengths in a positive way.

In addition, you should:

  • Make yourself readily available for job applications and interviews, including those at short notice or by telephone.