Nursing as a career in Malawi

Young women out there, do you want to pursue a career in nursing? If yes then take time to understand the career better and its requirements.

By Sam Banda Jnr


Nursing is a popular career choice in Malawi.

Nurses in Malawi fall into different categories depending on the schools they attend and the qualifications they obtain.

Nurses who who graduate from University of Malawi -Kamuzu College of Nursing obtain degrees in nursing. These nurses can get top jobs in hospitals and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).

In hospitals, most become matrons and can earn a salary of about K60,000 to K70,000 a month, including being given a house, water and electricity. However, others can earn more than K70,000, especially in private hospitals.

Then there are colleges such as the Malawi College of Health Sciences which offer certificates and diplomas in nursing. And there are Christian nursing colleges, among them St Luke’s in Zomba, Holy Family in Phalombe and Malamulo in Thyolo.

After graduation. these nurses usually start on a lower salary level and get promotion through upgrading. They normally get a monthly salary of about K20,000 to K 50,000 in government hospitals, but some get more than this in private hospitals.

Nurses in Malawi are expected to work on shifts.

Nurse Priscilla Gama says nursing is an exciting career and that she embarked on it not by chance, but rather pursued it as her dream.

Working in the rural areas, she says she earns a monthly salary of K30,000 to K40,000 which she says is enough to take her through the whole month, adding that she does not have a big family.

"With the K30,000 I receive I am able to feed myself and buy other necessities. But this could change with a big family.”

She adds that with more NGO's operating in Malawi, many nurses are being employed here and are being paid much better compared to government hospitals.

For those young women who are dreaming of becoming nurses, you need to do well in Science subjects such as Biology and Physical Science. As for entry to Kamuzu College of Nursing, you have to get at least six credits, one of which should be English and two Science subjects.