All in a Cyber Day’s Work!

Read article on “All in a Cyber Day’s Work” at What’s it like to Manage a Cyber Café? We speak to Waduka Mkandawire about her job.

By Madalitso Kateta


Waduka Mkandawire is a friendly and carefree young lady when you meet her out and about on the streets. But when you see her at the Kaizen Cyber Café, which she manages in the heart of the city of Blantyre, you find that she is a woman with high ambitions. 

Mkandawire is one of Malawi's growing group of young entrepreneurs who are breaking away from the traditional beliefs that limit women. 

Her position requires her to take care of the day-to-day management of affairs at the café. She said in an interview that her work is “a mixture of fun and challenges”. 

"There are times when some customers are too rude. But mainly my work here is fun," she said. 

Mkandawire added that the challenge was to ensure that all her customers got the best service possible in the café. But this wasn’t always easy. 

"I make sure that when any customer comes in the café I find out what service they want. If  they have problems with the service I try to refer him to the technical team for assistance," she explained. 

She added, however, that even with the strongest efforts to satisfy customers, some people accused her of poor service when things did not run smoothly. 

"Some even reach the point of using abusive language,” she said. 

But Mkandawire is not discouraged by these encounters. She said her ambition was to make her place the most user-friendly in the city. 

"This is not just an a cyber café. We provide all secretarial services, and we also do some graphic design jobs. We also have plans to start doing screen printing," she said proudly.