Working as a Security Guard

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Mywage interviewed a Security Guard in Malawi to find out about wages, benefits and more:

What is your name?

I am Wilson Phiri.

How old are you?

I am 35 years, married with three children.

Where do you work?

I am working at one of the security companies in Blantyre as a security guard.

Are you new to the job?

Not really, before I joined this security company, I was also as a security guard for a foreigner who is now back in his country.

Is this the job you wanted to do?

No, actually with the scarcity of jobs I just decided to take up this job since I have a family to look after. I wanted to work in a bank.

Are you satisfied with what you receive?

No, I earn a very low salary, which is not enough to take care of my family’s needs. But I have no choice. I have to make do with what I receive.

How much do you receive?

I earn between the range of K5,000 to K10,000. I also have a small grocery shop which I built using my salary, and the idea is to boost my income.

And how much profit do you make from the grocery?

It all depends, with so many smaller shops in the area I stay, in a day I would make K800 to K1,500.

What about the first job, working for a foreigner, how much were you getting?

It was also not much, it was between K 3,500 to K5,000. But the boss was kind, in that he also used to give me some necessities for my home. Meat, bread and even clothes. Actually, when he was leaving he gave me some items for my home.

What qualifications do you hold?

I have a Junior Certificate of Education (JCE). I attempted Malawi School Certificate (MSCE) but got a few passes and now I am upgrading. I want to go as far as getting qualifications in security studies if all goes according to plan.

What are your times of work?

It depends on shifts. For a week I work from 6am to 5:30pm, and then the next week from 6pm to 5am. We also have some days where we rest - unlike in my previous job where there was little chance of off days unless you were sick.

Do you know some of the entitlements you are entitled to as a guard?

Most of us are ignorant. I would say many guards have little knowledge of what they are entitled to. For example, where I am there is no pension. But in some companies they do have a pension.