Law is one of the careers that attracted a lot of interest from young men and women in Malawi. Mywage Malawi takes you through the steps.

 By Sam Banda Jnr


A lawyer is a person licensed to practice law. Working as a lawyer involves the practical application of abstract legal theories and the knowledge to solve specific individualised problems, or to advance the interests of those who retain (i.e., hire) lawyers to perform legal services.




Lawyers are marketable in Malawi and it is a career that pays an attractive package in both government and private companies. However, for one to become a lawyer, you need to undergo several stages, starting with secondary education and going through to tertiary education.


Lawyer Davis Njobvu says law is an interesting career which gives you an opportunity to interact with different people.


"The career is marketable, no doubt about that. That said, however, a lot depends on the position you are holding and the institution where you are practising. Experience is also a factor," he says.


Njobvu says lawyers can eventually become judges, which is one of the top positions in the legal sector. They can also work as Registrars at the High Court, or as Company Secretaries in companies which offer good packages




Njobvu says lawyers, who are not experienced and have come straight from college, mainly start with a salary of K100,000 to K200,000 but says all this depends on the institutions.


"Some private companies even pay less than K100, 000. In government institutions there are many benefits including sponsorship to further your education," he says.


He says Judges and Registrars have an attractive package which if put together can add up to over 1.5 million Malawi Kwacha.


"Apart from getting a salary which is over K500,000, there are also other benefits such as a car allowance, an entertainment allowance, fuel and house allowances and more, on top of support for your children," says Njobvu.


A lawyer at a top company working as a Company Secretary says his gross pay totals over 1 million Kwacha and that on top of that he gets fuel and has been given a car.


Career data


For one to become a licensed lawyer you need to undergo studies to obtain a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and you can also further your studies to get a Masters degree.


The journey in Malawi starts with secondary education where you need to do well and get a strong Malawi School Certificate of Education to gain entry to the University of Malawi. You need to have six credits including English.


"These days the department is keen to balance both men and women during intake, although

the number of men is still high," says Njobvu.


The Law Department has also introduced a Diploma in Law. Once you have this, you can proceed to get a degree.




Malawi has seen a few women lawyers occupying top law positions. One of them is Jane Ansah, who is the Attorney General, having been appointed by the president. In his remarks during the appointment, president Bingu Wa Mutharika said he wanted to see more women hold top positions in the country.


Anastanzia Msosa is another great example to young women in the country, as she rose to become the Chief Judge and currently holds the top position at the Electoral Commission. There is also Matilda Katopola who is the Clerk of Parliament, a job which traditionally has been held by men.




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