• starting and controlling machines and equipment to bleach, dye, or otherwise process and finish fabric, yarn, thread, and/or other textile goods
  • tending machines that shrink woven or knitted cloth to predetermined size or strengthen the weave
  • tending a variety of automatic machines that comb and polish furs
  • operating and monitoring machines that treat silk to give it body and weight
  • operating and monitoring machines that impregnate textiles to render them waterproof
  • dyeing articles to change or restore their colours
  • operating and monitoring machines that stretch, or impart lustre, or other type of finish to textiles
  • tending and regulating equipment that fumigates and removes foreign matter from furs
  • operating machines that comb, dry and polish furs, clean, sterilize and fluff feathers and blankets
  • keying in processing instructions to program electronic equipment
  • observing display screens, control panels, equipment, and cloth entering or exiting processes to determine if equipment is operating correctly
  • cleaning machine filters and lubricating equipment

    Educational level

    • Skilled