News in Kenya

News in Kenya

2 April 2020 - Kenya has found unique ways to adapt to the issue of COVID-19. The congestion of prisons increases the risk for the spread of the virus, hence, the nation has moved its courts online. This is being done by judicial sessions that are conducted through Skype and Zoom, expediting the process and reducing the workload on the workers in this field. Around 4,800 prisoners have already been released so far. 

The main focus was offenders who had petty complaints against them. Cases which had short-term sentences or long-term sentences with less than six months to end were taken into consideration as well. This measure has helped maintain the curfew, as making the process virtual allowed people to work from home. Kenya’s count has risen up to 110 cases, and the government is focused on containing the contagion. What is the social security situation in Kenya? Find out!

28 March 2020 - Horticulture contributes substantially to Kenya’s economy and employment, being its third-largest foreign exchange earner - generating around $1.15 billion USD. The COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus) lockdown imposed on the country as well as on its crucial markets in Europe has caused a slump in the industry, which has had an immediate effect in comparison to other sectors. This is adversely affecting the workers, who are being sent home from flower farms. 

The Kenya Flower Council has estimated that the total daily cost of the situation is a loss of US$300,000. The industry stands to suffer from the losses it is facing, if the issue is not addressed  within eight weeks. Poor workers in this sector are at great risk of loss of livelihoods. Fill the survey on Life and Work during the COVID-19 pandemic.