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26 May 2020 – In Kenya, foreign remittances have fallen by 9% within a month. Due to Covid-19, inflows from Canada and the USA that account for 58% of the total are being held up. Foreign reserves have also declined. The government has taken a loan for $1 billion that has been approved by the World Bank. Most middle income citizens depend on foreign remittances in the sub-Saharan region, and that’s where a majority of the decline has taken place. Complete the salary survey in Kenya

Economic Facts about Kenya

  • Kenya exports a variety of horticultural and agricultural products. As an economy dependent on primary goods, over 70% of the population is engaged in agricultural activities! Check salaries by sector in Kenya 
  • Kenya is a major tourist attraction as it is home to the great rift valley, Lake Turkana, endless savannahs and many interesting cultures and traditions. Tourism is very important for Kenya as it is a major source of foreign exchange and income for the government. The tourism sector helps in reducing dependence on other sectors such as agriculture, which are vulnerable to unpredictable harsh weather and market conditions. Up to 21% of Kenya's national income is attributed to tourism.  Check your Salary
  • The coffee industry has been a cornerstone for the Kenyan economy since its independence from Britain in 1963. It contributes an average of US$230 million, making it the leading source of foreign exchange. It is also estimated that this sector employs 30% (5 million people) of the labour force. Check your salary and keep drinking coffee!